Round Robin Comp 05/12/16

The second week of the Round Robin Comp takes place at Bournemouth East Conservative Club.

Please register for 8pm.

If you didn’t play in the first week you can still participate!

Main Qualifiers Plate Qualifiers Losers Qualifiers
A. Adair S. Hibbert M. Bianchi
L. Prodger A. Pearman J. Robinson
I. Roff H. Hurst E. Craven
J. Smith M. Matthews M. Smith (SM)
C. Bird D. House P. Barry
L. Hills Leon R. Craven
PJ Northey J. Smith (SJ) C. Cheeseman
R. Flower D. Hodders Wendy
T. Carlyle
J. Young

L. Prodger x 1

High Shot
A. Adair 120
L. Prodger 120

Upcoming Fixtures

Half It Comp – 07/11/16

Winner Runner Up
Comp 1 A. Adair L. Prodger
Comp 2 J. Smith (SJ) John (Lark)
Comp 3 T. Robertson T. Carlyle
Comp 4 H. Hurst A. Pearman
Comp 5 Steve (Lark) Dar House

Young/Mid Life/Getting On/Vet – 31/10/16

Veterans Cup
Main Comp Winner – I. Roff
Main Comp Runner Up – K. Porter
Plate Comp Winner – C. Bird
Plate Comp Runner Up – T. Pearman

Getting On A Bit Cup
Main Comp Finalists – M. Bianchi & A. Adair
Plate Comp Winner – J. Smith (Smit)
Plate Comp Runner Up – J. Smith (SJ)

Mid Life Crisis Cup
Main Comp Winner – L. Prodger
Main Comp Runner Up – C. Filer
Plate Comp Winner – A. Baldwin
Plate Comp Runner Up – Leon

Youngsters Cup
Main Comp Winner – D. Adams
Main Comp Runner Up – M. Matthews
Plate Comp Winner – J. Young
Plate Comp Runner Up – R. Sherwood

A. Adair x 1
P. Allen x 1
C. Filer x 1
J. Young x 1
I. Roff x 1

High Shot
D. Hodder 134
J. Smith 120
L. Prodger 120
T. Robertson 111

Handicap Singles – 10/10/16

Congratulations to the following players for getting through to Finals Night:

Main Comp
A. Smith (801), D. Adams (1001), T. Robertson (1001) and C. Beattie (1001)

Plate Comp
P. Lewis (701) and R. Flower (901)

R. Flower x 2
PJ Northey x 2
S. Stroud x 1

High Shot
A. Adair 118