Threes Comp 27/03/17

The Threes Competition takes place at Bournemouth East Conservative Club.

Please register for 8pm.

Seeded Threes 27/02/17

Main Comp
Winners – L. Prodger, P. Barry, Jane

Runners Up – I. Roff, C. Bird, Wendy

Plate Comp
Winners – D. Adams, J. Barton, A. Monroe

Runners Up – L. Hills, T. Carlyle, Dessie

A. Monroe x 1

High Shot
I. Roff 112

Fours 20/02/17

Main Comp
Winners – Green Baize (M. Bayliss,D. Adams, L. Prodger, T. Robertson)

Runners Up – Kasbah (H. Hurst, T. Carlyle, J. Smith and D. Hodder)

Plate Comp
Winners – Queens Park

Runners Up – Queens Park Zulus

A. Adair x 2
D. Adams x 1
T. Carlyle x 1

High Shot
I. Roff 114

Seeded Blind Pairs 30/01/17

Main Comp
Winners – I. Roff and D. Lee
Runners Up – L. Prodger and R. Craven

Plate Comp
Winners – L. Mcilwain and J. Smith (SJ)
Runners Up – K. Porter and P. Barry

A. Adair x 1
A. Pearman x 1
L. Prodger x 1

High Shot
PJ Northey 114