Finals Night


Gallon Play Off Green Baize
Westbourne Con
Handicap Cup 16/10/2017 Main Comp
Finalists – Moordown Con (1701)
Finalists – Green Baize (1951)
Plate Comp
Finalists – Lark Rise Bandits
Finalists – Bournemouth East Con
Pairs 23/10/2017 Main Comp
Semi-Finalists – S. Hibbert and D. Hodder
Semi-Finalists – M. Bayliss and L. Prodger
Semi-Finalists – A. Barnes and J. Robinson
Semi-Finalists – A. Baldwin and J. Hibbert
Plate Final
Finalists – Rich and Matt
Finalists – Lois and Tim
Veterans Cup 13/11/2017 Main Comp
Finalist – T. Robertson
Finalist – P. Hulme
Plate Comp
Winner – Des
Runner Up – T. Carlyle
Getting On A Bit Cup 13/11/2017 Main Comp
Finalist – M. Bianchi
Finalist – A. Adair
Mid Life Crisis Cup 13/11/2017 Main Comp
Finalist – L. Prodger
Finalist – R. Flower
Youngsters Cup 13/11/2017 Main Comp
Finalist – D. Adams
Finalist – PJ Northey
Handicap Singles 20/11/2017 Main Comp
Semi-Finalist – M. Graham (801)
Semi-Finalist – A. Smith (801)
Semi-Finalist – P. Evans (901)
Semi-Finalist – Des (751)
Plate Comp
Finalist – D. Adams (1001)
Finalist – C. Filer (851)
Fours 05/02/2018 Main Comp
Plate Comp
Finalist – Beast Elite x 4
Finalist – ??
Threes 09/04/2018 Main Comp
Finalists – I. Roff, A. Adair and Toby
Finalists – J. Young, C. Filer and S. Wareham
Plate Comp
Winner – A. Loder, J. Cadwallader and M. Richards
Runner Up – T. Carlyle, H. Hurst and O. Souter
Captains Cup 30/04/2018 Main Comp
Finalist – A. Barnes
Finalist – D. Adams
Plate Comp
Finalist – D. Lee
Finalist – P. Hulme
Womens Cup 30/04/2018 Finalist – Wendy
Finalist – P. Horgan
Division 1 Singles 14/05/2018 Main Comp
Finalist A. Adair
Finalist L. Prodger
Plate Comp
Finalist L. Hills
Finalist A. Barnes
Division 2 Singles 14/05/2018 Main Comp
Finalist A.Pearman
Finalist A.Loder
Plate Comp
Finalist S.Hibbert
Finalist R.Craven
Singles 25/06/2018 Semi-Finalist M. Bianchi
Semi-Finalist P. Evans
Semi-Finalist A. Adair
Semi-Finalist A. Barnes


Date Time League Season
25th June 2018 8:00 pm League 2017-18


Bournemouth East Con
Holdenhurst Rd, Bournemouth BH8 8BX, UK