Finals Night

Veterans Main I. Roff P. Hulme
Getting On A Bit Main L. Prodger A. Barnes
Mid Life Crisis Main S. Jónsson Rob The Pole
Youngsters Main C. Beattie PJ Northey
Handicap Singles Main Semi-Finalist Semi-Finalist
H. Hurst (501) J. Smith (601)
Semi-Finalist Semi-Finalist
A. Smith (501) R. Flower (801)
Threes Main T. Robertson Rob The Pole
S. Small P. Evans
L. Prodger C. Beattie
Threes Plate Roffey +2 Tommy +2
Ray Wait Main A. Barnes C. Filer
I. Roff M. Bianchi
C. Beattie L. Hills
J. Robinson Kate
(Reserve A. Adair) (Reserve PJ Northey)
Div 1 Singles Main C. Beattie I. Roff
Div 1 Singles Plate M. Bianchi P. Prior
Div 2 Singles Main A. Pearman A. Loder
Div 2 Singles Plate D. House S. Jónsson
Pairs Main W.Conway & J.Hibbert A.Adair & C.Beattie
Pairs Plate J.Smith & M.Smith L. Hills & C. Filer
Singles Semi-Finalist Semi-Finalist
M. Bianchi R. Flower
Semi-Finalist Semi-Finalist
M. Graham I. Roff